Thursday, March 17, 2011

Animarl adventures, part 2

Waco has a great little zoo that is a short drive away and very reasonably priced. It is 52 acres and has typical zoo animals and then a large section dedicated to Texas native animals and wildlife. Uncle Ryan accompanied us, he said he hasnt been to a zoo in like 15 plus years!! The weather was nice, but I am little red faced this evening (i brought sunscreen, but neglected to put it on!)
Maggie's favorite part was the slide. They have a couple slides and play areas through out the park and Maggie could have stayed there the whole time!!! OF course I only have a sideways shot of Maggie doing her favorite thing! Ugh!

Sophie's favorite thing was the giraffe. She loved watching them and didnt want to leave! They are definately interesting animals!

Sophie got alittle grumpy part way through the zoo, but got over it pretty quickly.

Uncle Ryan was a big help and seemed to enjoy himself.

My favorite part was spending time with my beautiful little girls!!

Animal adventures part 1

I had the opportunity to take the girls out to a little farm that someone in our church owns and lives at. That particular sister is always bringing farm fresh eggs to church free for people to take. I love it-cause eggs are one of my most favorite foods. Anyway- the girls had such a good time and it was so fun to see them running around and interactin gwith the animals. They were not shy or timid at all!

First we saw the bulls. We werent able to go inside the fence-which was probably pretty smart, but they ran up to us at the fence and the girls enjoyed watching them eat their lunch.

Next we strolled through the field past some donkeys and over to the ponds. There were some fish, frogs and even a turtle but I am not sure if the girls really saw any. They just had fun running around!

Next we visited the goats. There were 2 baby goats that are taking a bottle and the girls got to help feed them their bottles. Maggie did a great job. When the goats got too much milk, they started sneezing and rubbing their noses in the dirt.

Sophie was super excited!!

And then she realized she was out numbered!!

Finally, we saw the chickens. The girls got to feed the chickens some bread and even got to see where they lay their eggs. Their was about 6 eggs in the hen house for the girls to take and carry back to the house. Sister Garcia had plenty of eggs in the house and let us each take home a dozen of eggs!

We had a great time and really appreciate our friends at church opening up their home to help teach my little ones about the farm!!