Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chicken anyone?

Last Saturday, mom and I were on our way to gatesville for one of Seth's footbal games. His game was at 1, so we stopped at Sonic to get the girls some lunch. I turned around to check on Sophie and she had fallen asleep, with a chicken strip in her mouth!! Hilarious!!

My dream job...

So i was getting pretty good about keeping this thing updated, but as life happens my camera is malfunctioning! I have to admit that an entry is definately more interesting with pictures than without!! I did manage to take a few snapshots with success!!

At the beginning of this month, Gerson and I took to kids to Alvin, Texas for my mother-in-law's birthday. Of course I did not have my camera, but found one picture from our last visit there.

(Like I said, my camera has been malfunctioning. Notice the black edges for the shutter?)

Maggie and Sophie had a blast playing with their cousins and anytime Gerson gets with his mother is a blessing. On the way home, the girls were soo tired they practically slept the whole 3 and a half hours! Heaven!!! Gerson and I got to enjoy eachother and have a nice conversation! That rarely happens without multiple interuptions from the girls! Any way the topic of our "dream jobs" came up. My husband stated he has always wanted to be a sports announcer and a professional dancer. I doubt the dancer will ever happen, not that he's not a good dancer, but he will not be dancing around with girls half my age (and size) and half dressed. The only dance show I could make it on would be "dancing like a dork" and I dont think that show has much appeal to the networks!

I had to think about my dream job for a while, but I finally decided. I would love to be a professional crafter or a party planner ( i am sort of getting to do that as my church activites director)!! Many of my friends think I am creative, but I really just really on other peoples ideas and creativity. Maybe one day I will have enough brain power left over at the end of the day to come up with my own ideas. Here are a few things have done over the past few weeks while waiting for my dream job to become a reality!!!

These two are things that I made last year, but still had to show them off. I love the Trick or Treat block, made from a batch of wooden blocks somebody gave to me!. All I did was glue them together and then paint!

I saw a pumpkin topiary at Hobby lobby and didnt want to pay the price, so I used some left over pumpkins and a small urn pot from my bedroom.

I fell in love with this wreath from an amazing blogger ( http://jonesdesigncompany.comruffle wreath {a tutorial} ). I think the burlap is great for the fall season!

These letters were a knock of my my friend Val! Super cute and easy, plus cheap when the letters are 50% off at HobLob

My girlfriend Laci and I have decided to try to get together weekly to get some crafting time. Last week we made these cute little pumpkins out of toliet paper and paper towle rolls! I want to make more and do something with them, but for now they are sitting in my messy craft room :(

I have also been doing some sewing, but none of those are finished yet!! So stay tuned!!