Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

Easter weekend has come and past and Maggie is an expert egg hunter. last Monday we did an Easter Story Easter Egg Hunt for our family night and she was so excited when she realized there were actually things inside the egss!!! She had so much fun she kept wanting to hind and find the eggs and carried her easter Basket around all week. Saturday we had our church Easter Hunt in the mornign and went to Mom and Dad's church in the afternoon. She prefers to open the plastic egss as soon as she finds them so we had to keep reminding her to put them in her basket and then we would open them all together at then end. After she fell asleep Saturday night, i Started getting her Easter Basket together from the "Easter Bunny". My poor hunsband was totally confused, apparently there is no easter Bunny in Mexico!! Isnt that sad!!! The easter Bunny never brought him any goodies during his childhood! Maggie was very excited when she saw her basket in the morning! I put way too many bubbles in it, though!! Then on Sunday afternoon we got a phone call from my brother Scott, who is in Iraq!!! YAY!! He was given the evening off and was able to get to a phone and call us. He sounds good andwill hopefully be home this summer sometime. Well thats our Easter in a nutshell!! Hope everyone had a great Easter!!!!

Strawberry Pickin'

The last 2 Fridays Maggie and I went down to a local pick your own farm to get some strawberries. I first went with a couple of my girlfriends and then Mom, Becca, and Seth joined us this last week. We had fun picking strawberries and I have been slowing making homemade jam, fruit leather, and strawberry pie. I was able to help my friend Laci make her first batch a strawberry jam (without any mom assistance, mine or hers!). We made some delicious jalapeno-strawberry jam! yummy! Any way enjoy the pictures and maybe if you are lucky you may get a taste of the yummy jam!!