Wednesday, July 28, 2010

In the dark

As many of you know, I have issues with me cell phone. My phone got dropped in a cup of water and quite working. So I pulled out an old one to hold me over till I could get a replacement. The old one is horrible. I get no bars in my house and when I dod talk on it, I have to be on speaker phone or the other person cant hear me very well. So i order a phone off ebay about 2 months ago and appranetly it was being shipped from China, no joke! I have yet to receive that phone and now I have to order another. It really hasnt been that big of a deal because I am home most the time and just rely on the house phone. But starting Monday that house phone was not working, so I thought i would send G an email and have him put a work order in, but guess what?!?! THe internet was down too!! My grandma was giving me a hard time at famly dinner cause my blog background is gone and i need a new post! 3 days later and we are back in business! Life sure is nice nowadays with techniology, how did people survive before cell phones and internet?

Monday, July 12, 2010


Gerson and I just returned home from a wonderful vacation to Puerto Rico. We left the girls here at home with Aunt B and mom & dad. It was beautiful and super relaxing! The pictures don't do it justice!! Our room had a balcony and I went out and sunbathed every morning and listened to the waves!

Old San Juan is full of culture and beauty! There are two old forts, lots of statues and monuments, the old city wall and one of the gates is still intact, and lots of color!!!

We did lots of walking!! We rented bikes one day and did alot of riding around seeing awesome sights and feeling the breeze off the ocean. We stopped when we got hot and jumped in the water to cool off. I survived the bike riding with only one close call to being hit by a bunch of cars, but luckily they stopped and let me pass (probably because they saw my husband leaving me behind). Other than that I just had a really sore butt!!! Not used to sitting on a bike all day!!

I was adventurous and ate lots of purto rican and carribean food. It was good, but I could only handle so much deep fried balls of meat! Gerson thoroughly enjoyed every last bit of food on both our plates!!!

While we were there there was a culinary festival going on with lots of food, vendors and music! And the last night we went to a festival celebrating the culture through music, dance and art. We had a great time and enjoyed it all. I wish I could post all the pictures but there is too many!!

The best part of the trip? Getting home to my beautiful girls!!!