Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Sophie!

My little Sophie turns two years old today. Its hard to believe that my baby is now 2. She is such a joy and I have enjoyed watching her grow the last 2 years. From a sweet little baby...

To an independent 2 year old...

We had a nice family get together and Sophie wanted her friend Owen to come. She had so much fun opening her presents! She loves wearing her sunglasses and keeps asking to take the fish that Mimi & Poppy gave her out of the water.

She seemed a little unsure when we started singing to her,but really enjoyed eating the cupcake!

And of course we cant forget the pinata-that would be like Easter with no eggs or 4th of July with no fireworks!! Always a big HIT!!

It was a fun time and I am glad that the people we love most were able to be there to share it with us.