Friday, December 26, 2008

the cutest girl in the whole world!!!!

Maggie is such a joy in our lives and I just wanted to post some random pictures of her just being cute!! She loves the camera, although she isn't always the most cooperative when it comes to taking pictures. She is just a doll!!! Enjoy the pics!!!

maggie's kitchen set

When I was young my grandpa made us the coolest kitchen set ever!!! He made a set for each family. Over the years my mother painstakingly moved it from house to house, even across the ocean from Germany!!! She has had it in her storage shed for years. Becca tried to get Seth to play with it, but he is definately a boy!! He was not interested. This summer my mom and I got the kitchen set out and cleaned it up and painted it!! It is super cute. Maggie loves to play with it, she got play food, dishes and pots and pans for her birthday and really enjoys pretending to cook and loves to bring me plates of food!!! I remember how much fun I had with it and look forward to many years of fun for maggie and her siblings!!

Maggie's turned 2!!!!

Maggie turned 2 years old on the 20th of this month. We had a little party for her at the house and then went to a local bounce house place so they could run off all the energy from the candy and cake. Gerson did all the planning this year and I think he did a great job!!! It gave me a welcomed break which I so needed , especially since I have been so sick. The theme this year was Dora The Explorer - who Maggie absolutely loves!!! She got so many Dora toys-I dont think she quite knows what to do with them all!! Maggies cousins came up from McAllen( otherwise known as mexico town), Seth Aunt B, and all the grandparents, even old poopy and grandma came over. Miss Mary, Maggie's babysitter, made the cake and her famous cookies! maggie wanted a cookie as soon as G walked in the house with then. She reached up on the counter and grabbed what she thought was a cookie, little did she know it was actually the candle for her cake and she didnt not like the taste of the big bite she took. If you look closely you can see a chunk missing from the candle!! Maggie loved singing the "Happy Birthday Song" and had a blast opening her presents!! I think the highlight of the party was the pinata. Maggie's abuelita specialed ordered a Swiper the Fox pinanta from Mexico and it was huge!!!! Even my dad got in on the hitting!!! We had a great visit with Gerson's family and are so thankful they could make it into town. We can hardly believe Maggie is already two!!! She is a joy and a blessing, even though I do call her the crazy child!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Crafts

My ward Christmas party is coming up on the 5th of December. The theme is Jars of Giving or Jars of Love (cant remember which!), But out activities director has been collecting jars for months. She asked for some volunteers to help make center pieces for the tables out of some of the donated jars. I decided I needed a little extra creative juice, so I loaded up all my jars and craft supplies and went to my mom's house. We made 6 snow globes, a santa head, a christmas tree and a super cute snowman (mine and mom's favorite!) We had a great time and they turned out super cute!!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Waco Zoo

Maggie and I went to the Waco zoo today with my parents! We had gone before when maggie was only about 8 months old and I think she had a much better time on this trip. Maggie was really good and seems to enjoy looking at the animals and she kept her harness on the whole time!!! A new record!!!

Let me try again!!!

I tried last summer to get a blog going, but as you can see I had very little success. There just doesn't seem to be enough time in my life!! But alas- I am going to try again, per several requests. Maggie Lyn is almost 2 years old now!! She has entered the "Terrible Two" Stage and has more energy than should be allowed. She loves to dance and listen to music and play with bubbles. Maggie also loves spending time with her mimi and poppy and her cousin seth. G is working on Fort Hood doing human resource management for a contract testing company (snooze) and I am still working at Kidz Therapeze, a pediatric outpatient clinic for children needing rehab services. I recently cut my schedule down to 3 days a week so I can be more of a mom and less of a career woman. And now for the exciting news!!! G and I are expecting our second baby!! YAY! Number 2 should be here in July of 2009! I will try my very best to keep every updated and not let another 15 months pass before I make a new post!!!