Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sea World

Memorial Day weekend we had a chance to take maggie to Sea World for the first time! The weather wasnt too hot and we went on the one day when there was no rain! Yay! Maggie seemed to really enjoy herself. Her favorite part was playing in the water, of course, but she liked the shows and loved to to see the dolphins and the peguins. She has told everyone about them!! She was so good and pleasant all day, except at the 4-D Pirate movie-first she broke her 3-d glasses and then we had to get up and leave because she got a little scared and was crying from all the little extras the make it a 4-d show!! Everything said and done, we all enjoyed ourselves and I think G even thought it was pretty cool!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Look at my garden grow!!!

I am so excited about the progress of my square foot garden. I went out today to pull of couple of weeds and guess what I found!?!?! I found squash and zuccini!!! There are 2 baby squash , 1 baby zuccini and another zuccini that looks like it is ready to eat!!! It looks better than the ones that I saw at HEB this weekend!!! All my plants are growing so well and I am just super excited, especially considering my track record with plants. I always try, but I havent been super successful! Just thought I would share the most recent progress!!! YAY!!

movie in the park

This weekend we had a chance to go to a movie in the park that Time Warner Cable was hosting. G and volunteered to help out through work. The weather was pretty pleasant with a nice breeze. We set up a blanket in the park and got to enjoy eachother company. Maggie had such a good time eating popcorn, snocones, and playing with hulahoops. There was also "The Magical Grandpa" who made balloon animals for the kids- maggies didnt last very long, it blew away and popped!!! We were there for several hours, so she didnt quite make it through the whole movie, but we all had a good time! We look forward to the next one and hope some of our friends can join us!!

Temple Trip

April 25th, Gerson and I were able to go to the Dallas Temple and be sealed together as a family for all time and eternity. What a wonderful day!! My parents were our escorts and assisted us whle we were there. Maggie was a doll and so good during everything! We were able to have a few close friends and members of our ward join us. I am so happy we finally made it and look forward to the road ahead. I am so proud of my husband and all the progress we have both made.