Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I just wanted to thank my mom for letting us crash at her house the last few days! Saturday afternoon our air conditioner quit working! UGH!!! Talk about hot and uncomfortable! and definately not a place for my girls to be hanging out! So my mom graciously let us come stay with her till we got it fixed. Maggie had a blast and played mimi to death, as well as a Shrek dvd and Dora's Super Babies Dvd! Sophie flashed her first smile and cooed her first coo for mom! lucky!! I was there to see it though, so I guess its ok! Anyway, we our home now and trying to unpacked and organized! But again I just have to say THANKS MOM!

Concert in the park

Killeen puts on a summer concert series every summer with different music showecased every couple of fridays. Last friday night they had a salsa band playing-so of course we had to go. THe weather was really nice-well it wasnt sweltering! We thought maggie would have a super fun time seeing how she loves music and dancing so much, but the band didnt really interest her (or me!) so she spent the evening running around playing with other kids. Some of the older kids were rolling down a grassy hill and maggie wanted to try to do it. She could quite figure it, so G tried to teach her. She never really got the hang of it, but I think she had a good time trying. And Sophie, of course, spent the whole evening sleeping!

Maggie's baby dolls

Since Maggie had become a big sister, she has turned into a good helper and has found her motherly tendencies with baby dolls. Previously she was not at all interested in them. She now carries them around, puts them in all of ssophie's things (bouncy seat, swing, bassinet). Today she was asking for a stoller for her baby- lucky for her a local toy store was going out of business earlier this year and a snatched up a bunch of stuff for super cheap and have had them in the closet. Well guess what I bought? A little stroller for Maggie's baby dolls!! She was so excited when i pulled it out for her this afternoon- she has been pushing her babies and stuffed animals around all afternoon!!

BIG Bows and Flowers

I dont know why, but for some reason I am totally obessed with headbands with big bows and flowers on them for Sophie. I never really put bow and headbands on maggie, not sure why, but i am trying to make sure that I keep palenty of pretties on Sophies little head. I have found a few at a little baby boutique in Temple, but wasnt willing to pay the price of $15 to $20 buck for one headband. So i found some of the crochet headbands (adorable) on line for super cheap! I got 16 different colors for less then the price of one at the boutique! I am trying to get some put together, my first was a bright pink flower with a big pink rhinestone in the middle! There is nothing cuter than a baby with a big ol' flower on her head!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Awe pictures!

What else can you say but awe!!!

Jumping and Swimming!

Maggie had turned into a water bug!!! Once I stopped working, we spent everyday in the pool- its just too hot and I was too big to do anything else. Maggie loves the water and everyday is getting more brave and trying new things. She is jumping in from the side with no one catching her and she will do it over and over!! She love to play silly games and her favorite is when Aunt B and Seth come over to swim!

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July to everyone!! I hope everyone had a great weekend. We spent a quiet weekend at home and my family came over in the afternoon for a little bbq and some swimming. Maggie had a blast! She loves to get to play with Seth and everyone in the pool. Ryan had to work, so G got to run the grill today! Luckily we just had hamburgers and hot dogs! We all missed Scott and Ed this year and keep them in our prayers. We hope for their safety and cant wait for them to get home. G made sure we all had our patriotic gear on this year! Maggie actually kept her pony tails in all day!!! Enjoy the pics!

Gerson really did it this time!!

Gerson took maggie into town with him on Saturday morning to get me s few hours of quiet time. He just said they would probably go to the mall and walk around. When they got home a few hours later, I noticed right away what he had done! He took Maggie and got her ears pierced!!!! He has been asking me since she was born when I was going to do it and I refused- I said I would wait until she asked me and she could take care of them and clean them her self. Well, he just finally did it. So now I get to fight with her 3 times a day for the next six weeks trying to keep her ear from getting infected. Aunt B was very excited, she siad we need to take sophie and do it too! MAggie walks around and points to her ears and says "I hurt", awe! Poor thing! She sure does look cute though!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Introducing Sophie Lyn

Monday June 29th was a wonderful day. Our little sophie has finally made her way here! The doctor scheduled me to go in Monday to induce Sophie, my blood pressure starting getting alittle high and we had safely made it to our 39th week, I was totally ok with inducing! The process went very quickly. I was checked in and hooked up to the medicine by noon. The doctor came by about 1 and attempted to break my water, but didnt get all the layers (apparetntly there is more the one, i dont really know). The contractions atrating getting pretty strong shortly after that and all we could do was wait. Mom and becca had come and we were all just hanging out waiting. Around 330 the nurse checked my progress and said I was dialated to about a 6,but it was hard to tell for sure because my water still had not broke and was kind of in the way. Everyone was getting hungry and so I sent mom and becca to go get something to eat, G had brought some snakc and lunch with him. About 10 minutes after mom and beeca left, my water broke! I told the nurse and guess what-it was dialated to a 10 and sophie was ready to come. We had to hurry and call mom and becca and the doctor and Sophies was born by 430. She was 7 lbs 12 oz and 18.5inches long. She has lots of dark hair and is a joy! Maggie is dind pretty good with her new role as big sister, but we have lots to work on and need to find our groove/routine. G is home till next tuesday, which is great and i am making sure he stays busy and i get a little time to relax!! Here are a few pictures, I will definately be posting more along the way. The last picture is G as we were driving to the hospital, I think he was a bit nervous, but he played it very cool and did a great job during the while process!! We are so happy and blessed to have our family growing and hope you all get to meet Sophie soon!!

Maggie loves ice cream!!

So what kid doesnt? I just took a few snaps a maggie enjoying an ice cream cone! It is her absolute new favorite treat!! Isnt she adorable?

CHocolate Cookies!

A few weeks ago, we were spending a Sunday afternoon doing nothing! So I told G to get maggie and come to the kitchen and we would make homemade chocolate cookies-it would be maggie's first time!! G kind of looked at me with a wierd expression on his face and walked slowly into the kitchen. As maggie and I are mixing all the ingredients together G just kind of watches and then he starts asking strange questions, like "So what are you doing?" and "Is that good?" (after I have taken a bite of cookie dough) and "How do you make the cookies round?". Well come to find out- G has never made homemade cookies before either!!!! WHAT!! I thought that was crazy!! We didnt take any pictures while we were making the cookies but I got some of Maggie and G enjoying thier first batch of homemade!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sea World

Memorial Day weekend we had a chance to take maggie to Sea World for the first time! The weather wasnt too hot and we went on the one day when there was no rain! Yay! Maggie seemed to really enjoy herself. Her favorite part was playing in the water, of course, but she liked the shows and loved to to see the dolphins and the peguins. She has told everyone about them!! She was so good and pleasant all day, except at the 4-D Pirate movie-first she broke her 3-d glasses and then we had to get up and leave because she got a little scared and was crying from all the little extras the make it a 4-d show!! Everything said and done, we all enjoyed ourselves and I think G even thought it was pretty cool!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Look at my garden grow!!!

I am so excited about the progress of my square foot garden. I went out today to pull of couple of weeds and guess what I found!?!?! I found squash and zuccini!!! There are 2 baby squash , 1 baby zuccini and another zuccini that looks like it is ready to eat!!! It looks better than the ones that I saw at HEB this weekend!!! All my plants are growing so well and I am just super excited, especially considering my track record with plants. I always try, but I havent been super successful! Just thought I would share the most recent progress!!! YAY!!

movie in the park

This weekend we had a chance to go to a movie in the park that Time Warner Cable was hosting. G and volunteered to help out through work. The weather was pretty pleasant with a nice breeze. We set up a blanket in the park and got to enjoy eachother company. Maggie had such a good time eating popcorn, snocones, and playing with hulahoops. There was also "The Magical Grandpa" who made balloon animals for the kids- maggies didnt last very long, it blew away and popped!!! We were there for several hours, so she didnt quite make it through the whole movie, but we all had a good time! We look forward to the next one and hope some of our friends can join us!!

Temple Trip

April 25th, Gerson and I were able to go to the Dallas Temple and be sealed together as a family for all time and eternity. What a wonderful day!! My parents were our escorts and assisted us whle we were there. Maggie was a doll and so good during everything! We were able to have a few close friends and members of our ward join us. I am so happy we finally made it and look forward to the road ahead. I am so proud of my husband and all the progress we have both made.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

Easter weekend has come and past and Maggie is an expert egg hunter. last Monday we did an Easter Story Easter Egg Hunt for our family night and she was so excited when she realized there were actually things inside the egss!!! She had so much fun she kept wanting to hind and find the eggs and carried her easter Basket around all week. Saturday we had our church Easter Hunt in the mornign and went to Mom and Dad's church in the afternoon. She prefers to open the plastic egss as soon as she finds them so we had to keep reminding her to put them in her basket and then we would open them all together at then end. After she fell asleep Saturday night, i Started getting her Easter Basket together from the "Easter Bunny". My poor hunsband was totally confused, apparently there is no easter Bunny in Mexico!! Isnt that sad!!! The easter Bunny never brought him any goodies during his childhood! Maggie was very excited when she saw her basket in the morning! I put way too many bubbles in it, though!! Then on Sunday afternoon we got a phone call from my brother Scott, who is in Iraq!!! YAY!! He was given the evening off and was able to get to a phone and call us. He sounds good andwill hopefully be home this summer sometime. Well thats our Easter in a nutshell!! Hope everyone had a great Easter!!!!

Strawberry Pickin'

The last 2 Fridays Maggie and I went down to a local pick your own farm to get some strawberries. I first went with a couple of my girlfriends and then Mom, Becca, and Seth joined us this last week. We had fun picking strawberries and I have been slowing making homemade jam, fruit leather, and strawberry pie. I was able to help my friend Laci make her first batch a strawberry jam (without any mom assistance, mine or hers!). We made some delicious jalapeno-strawberry jam! yummy! Any way enjoy the pictures and maybe if you are lucky you may get a taste of the yummy jam!!