Friday, December 10, 2010


December is a great month during the best time of year. I love the holiday season, I enjoy cold, blustery days, and I love the twinkle of Christmas lights.
Maggie and Sophie LOVED helping decorate the tree. Thank goodness for shatter proof ornaments! Maggie enjoys turning on the lights and Sophie give the ornaments kisses.

I finished a new advent calendar on November 30-just in time! Maggie LOVES to open the boxes, its always the first thing out of her mouth when she wakes up in the morning, but she has to wait for Sophie to wake up before we open the box. I put either candy or windos clings in the boxes.
In some of them are little cards that have different activities in them. Maggie gets really excited when she sees a little tag. Here are a few pictures of some of the activities from our Holiday celebrations:

Maggie wrote a letter to Santa.(we are just waiting for him to write her back-I really need to get to that!). She said she wants a castle with princesses, new boots, and a radio.

We went to the local Christmas parade. They sure are cute in those hats!! Sophie learned how to say Santa that night.

The girls put out boots for St Nick day (we were actually a day late because I got sick with the stomach bug and didnt have a chance to get to the store to get goodies!, but they didnt seem to notice)

We had our church Christmas Party, which included a visit from Santa. Sophie did not like Santa at all!, if only she knew it was Poppy then maybe she wouldnt have been so upset!!

We got to celebrate Maggie's 4th birthday!! She is so independent and has very distinct opinions! She wanted a Toy Story Party and wanted to invite her friends from church. She said she wanted to play Muscial Chairs and I found a "Pin the Tail on Bulleye" game.

Of course we had the pinata...

And delicious pink cupcakes!

The day after Maggie's party Gerson and I took a trip down to the valley. He wanted me to experience the Pasadas and meet more of his family. The Pasada celebrations were rich in tradition and very much centered on the birth of Christ. It was an enjoyable time!

Christmas Eve we spent at my parents. We tried to get a family photo-easier said then done, but we got a few shots that were decent.

We did out traditional gift exchange and feasted on delicious mexican food! YUMMY MY FAVORITE!! The girls had fun opening their presents and were super excited!

Christmas morning was filled with more excitement and present opening. Maggie got her radio from Santa and Sophie got a bright red wagon.

It was a very full month and we had a great holiday!!