Monday, February 28, 2011

Snap shots from the month

I realized this morning that I had faltered when it came to keeping this blog update, not as bad as in the past, but I have got to keep up with my new year's resolutions!! Not much has happened this month. We were all sick for a few weeks and sat around being grumpy and tired.

It had been sooo cold we decided to bring the Little Tikes CUbe in the house so the girls could actually play on something and get their energy out!

We had a snow day! Sophie was not interested in playing outside! She just wanted to be held.

Maggie had a blast and really wanted to build a snowman, but the snow just woulnd't pack enough for even a snowball.

Oscar really seemed to love it too!!

For Valentine's Day we made Kai-lan snuggle pillows and chocloate covered strawberries! Yummy!!

A few days later, we were basking in 80 degree weather and loving the sun. One Sunday before church, the girls were so cute and still clean in their dresses, I just had to take some pictures!!