Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Celebrations!

Easter this year was super fun and super busy!! It all started with an Easter Egg Hunt at my work. I had promised Maggie we could go and she was really looking forward to playing on the new playground that was just put in. There was a ton of kids, so we didnt stay for long, but it was fun and got the weekend rolling.

Friday evening was our church Easter Social. Hamburgers, hotdogs and Easter eggs! Yum yum. My Relief Society activities comitee and I put together Resurrection Eggs, aka 12 Eggs of Easter for all the families in the ward. They are a great way to teach/learn the Easter Story. Unfortunately I didnt get any pictures of them-maybe next year :)

Saturday we went to a friends for brunch and yet another egg hunt!! The girls dont ever seem to get tired of hunting for eggs!!!

Sunday was nice a quiet. We didnt make any plans for a family dinner or anything and I didnt mind too much, espiecially since we have been so busy all weekend. I made the girls some new dresses for Easter and I have to say they sure did turn out super cute!!! I got the girls dressed a little early to try and take some pictures. I got a few good ones, but I am no photographer and they are not very good at listening to me! That's ok cause they sure are adorable!!!