Monday, October 24, 2011


Maggie's Preschool hosted a Trike-a-Thon to support St. Jude's Children's hospital. The week leading up to the trike-a-thon, the teachers taught bike safety. Maggie was very upset one evening when we went to the park to ride her bike and her daddy forgot her helmet!!! She takes her bike safety seriously!!! The day of the trike-a-thon, each class had a time slot where the kids were able to ride their bikes around the parking lot. Maggie was little scared and wouldnt ride without help. She made it around 4 times, but then called it quits after that. It was cute to watch all the youngsters zooming around and having fun!




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Maggie started PreSchool

My sweet little Mags got to start Preschool this year. We enrolled her in a private school right down the street from where I work. She goes 3 days a week and is loving it!!! I am so glad that we were able to get her in. Maggie's preschool started a week after the local public schools and that was the longest week ever!!!! She didn't understand why her friends couldn't come over to play, they were all at school (most of them started kindergarten this year). She has already learned so much and really enjoys the time she spends there. We are so blessed that she has this opportunity and it should make the transition to Kindergarten a breeze!

Singing in the rain...

The drought this summer really made it hard for us to get outside much. The girls absolutely love to be out doors!! We were blessed one September evening with a short spout of rain. It cooled down the temperature and provided a few minutes of good old fashioned fun! And the girls finally got to use their umbrellas for rain instead of as a sun shield!!!

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July 2011

Next Stop Sea World! Can you think of a better place to go during the hottest summer ever? It was great to beable to jump into water whenever things started to get too uncomfortable. Sea World has a neat section just for kids with fun rides and the Sesame Street Characters are all there. While we couldnt convince Sophie to take any pictures, Maggie was thrilled to have her picture taken with Zoe.


We took the kids to the River Walk and enjoyed an evening of Latin Music at the ampitheater. We were able to sneak in a few cute photo opportunities!

For Independence Day we went to the Belton Parade, a tradition we started a few years ago. We made it through the whole parade without melting!. It was too hot to do much of anything so we spent the rest of the day at the city water park!


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June: Children's Museum

As part of our family vacation this summer, we made a trip to the Children's Museum in San Antonio. It was a fun experience and the girls got to explore many things. Their favorite part was the Mini HEB Store. There were kid sized carts, grocery and produce items, and even cash registers to check each other out. We really spent the majority of the time there.



They also got to learn how to milk a cow, a worthy skill to learn. I doubt that they would have been so good if it were actually a live cow!

The museum stop was definitely the best part of the trip
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