Sunday, November 6, 2011


October is always a fun month, but also very busy! This October was no exception!! It is the start of the holiday season!! Here are the highlights from our month!!

With Preschool, comes holiday parties and treats for friends! For Halloween, Maggie and I made some "Halloween S'mores" to pass out to her friends. I wish I could take full credit for this cute treat, but I must admit I found the idea on Pinterest. I love when other people share their creative genius!! The treats were very easy to make and Maggie was a great helper!! I must admit, they were a hit with all the kids and parents!!!


Halloween means pumpkin carving! Boo!! I really do not enjoy carving pumpkins. It is messy, it is time comsuming and it is hard!! I am probably the world's worse pumpkin carver!!! But this year was different!!!! One of my friends gave the girls a "Pumpkin Head" witch set. The sets are made by the Potato Head people and are the easiest, cutest way to decorate a pumpkin with little kids. There are many characters available and look forward to adding to our collection!! The girl were big helpers on this too! Very easy for them to participate and they were so proud of the result!!


Every year around Halloween, IHOP has free scary face pancakes for kids. The pancakes come with candy corn and cookies for the kids to decorate with! And did I mention they are free? We took a family trip to IHOP for breakfast and had a good time. Sophie wasnt really into decorating her pancake, she just wanted to eat all the pieces of candy and cookies!! Maggie was a little more into it and had to concentrate very hard! She was very excited when her scary face pancake was complete!! This will definitely be a Gutierrez Halloween Tradition!!



Finally the month comes to an end and that means Halloween and Trick or Treating. We have the annual "Trunk or Treat" at church and then get to enjoy traveling through the neighborhood knocking on doors. Since we had 2 opportunites to dress up this year, the girls of course could not wear the same costume!!! They enjoyed Halloween so much this year and looked absolutely adorable in ALL of their costumes!!

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