Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy birthday, Dora!!

AS many of y ou may know, Maggie loves Dora the Explorer. Last year for Halloween Maggie was Dora and Sophie was Boots. Super Cute, I know!!

Well, apparently it is Dora's birthday!! They made a special birthday movie and of course we had to record and will probably watch it everyday!! But we also had a little birthday part for Dora. We invited my friend Laci and her son over. LAci brought some ballons. which the girls loved! We made pink cupcakes (picked out by Maggie, even though when it was time ti eat them, she didnt like them!). We had party hads and some coloring pages! The kids were so cute! It was a fun little birthday party!

Look what i did...

So i had a somewhat productive week last week. I feel like those dont happen very often.

First off, I hate wallpaper (have I mentioned this before?) My master bathroom walls were covered in lovely wallpaper-super easy to take down (yeah right) so six month after I started stripping the 2-3 layers of wallpaper, it is all gone and the walls have been freshly painted. Looks much better!! YEAH!!! I refreshed the trim and molding and have lots more projects on my list for that room, but at least something on that massive list is marked off.



All of my bathrooms have that builders grade mirror in them. Nothing fancy, just a plain mirror. For the half bath downstairs I decided to get some etching cream and put a border around it. I am not wild about it, I feel like it needs something more, but it is a bit of an improvement. Pictures are not the best, but hopefully you can see the frosted band.

I have been wanting to make some dresses for the girls and never quite get anything done. I am starting some this week at my church sewing group. We have a sister who is an AMAZING seamstress and she is taking us through some projects, but I was eager to make something, so I called mom and she came over to help me with a pillowcase dress. They really are simple and easy and within 2 hours we had one finished. Next time shouldnt take near as long, now that i know what I am doing. Mom was great she didnt really do any of the sewing, she explained and taught me and tended to my two crazy children, but I did everything on Sophie's little dress! So cute!!

Lastly, I made a small accomplishment this week. I have exercised everyday!! What? Really. I will walk up to mom's and pick up her for a walk and then jog home (its all down hill on the way home). I get in about 1.5 miles which is an ok start. Mom has been wanting to start walking, hoping that that will increase her strength ad mobility faster, but it has helped me get off my butt too! So yeah! One week down-lots more to go!

Friday, August 6, 2010

A great way to start the weekend...

(So i had tried to post this blog last friday, but somehow change a setting and could post anything!! I finally figured it out!)

Gerson is always being asked to volunteer his time for community events sponsord by TWC, and being the generous guy that he is, he tends to always says yes. This means that I get to tag along and chase after the children with limited assistance from my busy husband. LAst friday was one of those events (a movie in the park) and I dreaded going. I almost told him to go by himself, but I knew my girls need to get out of the house and run off some energy. When we got there we realized the event was happening at the same park that the splash pad is at so we had to go back home and get the girls bathing suits. The girls really had a good time and playing in the water and sharing popcorn I am glad we went!