Friday, June 8, 2012

Spring Break 2012

For spring break, we took a few days and went down to Marble Falls to enjoy some family time.  The girls were beyond excited!!!

The first stop was Sweet Berry Farms for a little strawberry picking!!  Maggie and Sophie really enjoyed picking the strawberries!  I had high hopes of doing something productive with the strawberries, but didn't.  We did get to eat a few, but no jam made this year...

Mom & Dad joined us at the farm...

This kids decided to ride the little "train", but Sophie started to get scared, so Daddy to the rescue.  Gerson was a good sport and sat with Sophie as they chugged around the farm....its a wonder he fit into that barrel!

A new addition to Sweet Berry farms is a huge trampoline...I don't know what it is about jumping,but the girls LOVE it! 

Later that day we headed to downtown Marble Falls to enjoy the scenes and take a few silly photos.  There were a lot of art sculptures along the strip.  Our favorite was to homage to feet!

Of course no trip is complete without delicious Blue Bell ice cream and Gerson trying to sneak a few licks from the girls' cones! 

I loved these pictures of the girls!  They were having so much fun and were in great moods!

Dinner on the lake with a beautiful sunset and a couple of beautiful little girls to match!
 The next day we headed to Inks Lake for some hiking and rock climbing.  I have many fond memories from my youth involving Inks Lake.  We took several family camping trips there and I wanted to carry on the tradition with my girls.  Unfortunately, my husband is completely against the idea of camping, so we just spent the day and got the girls really worn out!

Maggie LOVED the hiking and climbing!!

Sophie was ok with the idea, but ended up on Gerson's shoulders or my back for most of the hiking!

We rented a paddle boat and went around the lake a few times.  Thankfully no one fell in the lake on this trip!

Definitely a good time with some happy memories!

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