Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Sophie!

We celebrate Sophie's birthday this weekend with a fun and exhausting party. Its amazing how quickly this last year has gone by. Family and friends filled the house with laughter and cheer.
Preparations started early with me making the pinata( i swore I wouldnt make another one after Maggie's last birthday, but the things you do for your children!!) and Ms. Mary making the cupcakes and Sophie's cake (decorating cakes is not one of my talents-I leave that to the pros).

The kids all had so much fun running around and playing in the water. The pinata took forever to bust, but it was fun to watch and Sophie even got in a few whacks!

Sophie didnt enjoy her cake as much as i had hoped, but she was pretty exhausted by the time we got around to the cake!

We all had a great time and we are so happy the so many people could joins us and celebrate!! What a joy it has been to see both of by girls grow and blossom. I am so grateful for them and look forward to many more birthdays!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Beautiful Girls!

Just wanted to put up a few pictures of my little beauties!! . They are a joy and a blessing and I love being able to watch them grow. I am so thankful I have fun cute stories to tell about my girls and all my stories aren't all about work! I sacrifice about 10 hours a week away from girls, but am thankful its not more!!

Sophie will be 1 in a few weeks and she is just adorable. She has been walking for about a month and is starting to show alittle attitude! She is curious and loves to follow her big sister around. She loves jumping on pillows and anything soft. She loves to eat and loves sitting in chairs and swinging her feet. Gerson and I cant quite decide who she looks like, but I think she might favor me a little more than him!! Wishful thinking?

Maggie is as independent as ever. She is a bossy big sister, but not quite as bad as Ruby from her favorite cartoon Max & Ruby. She loves swimming and playing in water. She turns super brown from just a couple mintues in the sun! She has been asking and begging to go to school, so the hunt is one for a part-time preshcool for the fall. She really enjoys going to her daddy's soccer games and cant wait till its her turn to play.

Friday, June 11, 2010


The last few months have been spent getting settled in and fixin up our fixer upper!! Before we moved in, my brothers and dad (but mostly scott) laid floor in the 2 living areas and we did ALOT of painting!! We had a hard time trying to fill this big ol' house with what we had so I got to do alittle furniture shopping! The family room is almost done. I am trying to figure out a few more things to put up on the walls and decorative touches, but we are very close to done. I found some fabric that I loved and made the curtains, pillows for the couch and floor cushions for the girls.



The kitchen started out as partially mint green walls and tiled floor, which didnt really got with the wall color. The tile was nice and already done so we didnt mess with that. My husband has been asking me and asking me for a red room or an orange room. Lucky for him, I found a gallon of valspar paint in lovely orange for 5 bucks!!! We pick white cabinets and butcher block counter tops to go with our "Rustic/mexican" themed kitchen. MY favorite is the farm house sink. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. We still had some trim work and filler pieces to put in, plus lightning and maybe an island. Any suggestions?